Release brand new app without server

a from true story

Imagine a situation where you are an owner of these business (from the picture on the right hand side.).

One day, you are opening a playland and therre also serve foods and beverages (F&B). Playland and F&B are separate business or sales.
During launching, you want them pay everything using phone. This is because you can send them promotion overtimes. So, instead of they just coming and go. With mobile app ready, you can invite them and send them the business promotion and highlights later.

During business launching you already spent a lot of time the on-site works. Now, you want everyone on the internet aware of it and able to access it. So, this is where we need ‘cloud solution’ to serve it quickly.

“All signs point to public cloud adoption growing and enterprise IT becoming more comfortable with the prospect of running their most sensitive data on public cloud infrastructure,”.

Tony Safoian
President and CEO at SADA Systems.


Security is a top concern in the cloud (and everywhere else these days), so it’s critical to ask detailed and explicit questions that relate to your unique use cases, industry, regulatory requirements, and any other concerns you may have. Do not neglect to evaluate this essential feature of operating in the cloud.


Make sure that the cloud provider you choose offers an easy way to integrate with them (or that your organization is comfortable porting over to a similar service that is supported). You’ll also want to determine how much time and effort it will take your team to manage various aspects of the cloud infrastructure before you make a final decision.


Cloud based solution offers a lot of automation. So, it is better for you to invest on technology instead of you paying people to do the same thing overtime.